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Goat Management Year Round

As I write this the rain is streaming down the windows of the farmhouse and the goat trails throughout the pasture are thick with boot sucking mud. Our goats are home for the winter and are snuggled inside their goat shed eating sweet smelling hay that we cut, raked and baled last summer for them.

We feel good about proving a warm safe space for them to ride out the storm and knowing that they hay we painstakingly made was worth every hour it took to harvest, haul and store.

Goat care is a year round job. When the goats come home for the winter we have to make sure that they have plenty of space to stay warm and try and full bellies to get them through the cold. That can mean checking on them as the snow blows sideways at 1am to check heat lamps or put jackets on for the young kids and elderly goats in the herd.

It can mean being ankle deep in mud on the mountain in order to check on a goat that went into labor during the early spring rains or checking acres of fence line for breaks and doing repairs.

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